Start with your house!

You can go green by starting with your house. First, find out your energy provider (your parents can tell you, or if you're an adult, you'll know) and visit their site. Search under keywords like "Energy" or "green power" or "Solar". Then check out the services that are offered. They may offer solar panels for your roof.

   If you don't want to, then you can build your own solar panels on "How to" sites.
If none of these help, you can Blackle it. is an energy saving Google that uses a black screen, which uses less energy as a white screen (white uses all colors of the rainbow, black doesn't. It takes more energy to power a white site/blog than a black one. I use Blackle all the time now, a tiny way to save more)

 I plan on building my own solar cell/panel, or talk to my energy provider, Cobb EMC for services. I'll post as soon as I build one, I hope it'll inspire you to go green :)


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