We finally got a person me and Kirthi don't know to be a follower.
She put a comment, which as I said, If you put a comment, I will post it.

ROSE wrote-
I love the idea!
I will try to be more "green" now.
What are some good tips? I turn off water when I'm not using it and heep my showers to less than 10 minutes. I turn out lights and have flourescents, but is that enough. It seems rather a wimpy effort. I just don't know a lot. I hope to be educated by your blog! Together, let's save the planet! =)

I wrote back.
Rose thanks for joining the blog.
You are doing a very good job at being green.
Me and Kirthi are so happy!
As you read the blog, I will put up more posts on what you/people can do to help.
And yes, together we will save the planet.

Rose is being green. Are you?


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