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A week ago in business class we had to write our dreams in  the Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" structure.
This is what I wrote.
"I Have A Dream Too"
By: Didem Aydin

I have a dream that one day this nation will do more things about global warming.
I have a dream that one day people will stop wasting water.
I have a dream that one day there will be no nuclear bombs.
I have a dream that there will not be 6 billion people on earth but less.
I have a dream today.
I have a dream that one day there will be more scientists who will be trying to stop the decreasion of animal species so we won't be the top ranking.
I have a dream today.
I have a dream that one day people will not hunt animals to extinction.
This is my hope and faith. With this faith we will be able to have hopes for the future.
This will be the day when we understand the true meaning of survival.



We finally got a person me and Kirthi don't know to be a follower.
She put a comment, which as I said, If you put a comment, I will post it.

ROSE wrote-
I love the idea!
I will try to be more "green" now.
What are some good tips? I turn off water when I'm not using it and heep my showers to less than 10 minutes. I turn out lights and have flourescents, but is that enough. It seems rather a wimpy effort. I just don't know a lot. I hope to be educated by your blog! Together, let's save the planet! =)

I wrote back.
Rose thanks for joining the blog.
You are doing a very good job at being green.
Me and Kirthi are so happy!
As you read the blog, I will put up more posts on what you/people can do to help.
And yes, together we will save the planet.

Rose is being green. Are you?


Hello friends, family, people we don't know. . . .
Lately I found news which I think will disappoint us all.
I went on GreenPeace and it says that there is an area where timber is being used, and it is hurting wolf habitation.
First of- I LOVE WOLVES.
No love won't work.
They are like the 2nd thing related to us.
A group of wolves. Its more clearer to say a FAMILY of wolves.
Well the point is  - whats happening.

Start with your house!

You can go green by starting with your house. First, find out your energy provider (your parents can tell you, or if you're an adult, you'll know) and visit their site. Search under keywords like "Energy" or "green power" or "Solar". Then check out the services that are offered. They may offer solar panels for your roof.

   If you don't want to, then you can build your own solar panels on "How to" sites.
If none of these help, you can Blackle it. is an energy saving Google that uses a black screen, which uses less energy as a white screen (white uses all colors of the rainbow, black doesn't. It takes more energy to power a white site/blog than a black one. I use Blackle all the time now, a tiny way to save more)

 I plan on building my own solar cell/panel, or talk to my energy provider, Cobb EMC for services. I'll post as soon as I build one, I hope it'll inspire you to go green :)

Are You There?

To tell you the truth, me and Kirthi actually don't even know if your reading this.
We will still be writting ofcourse, but if you do read this, please leave a comment.
What is a blog without someone reading it?
If you are fully aware of our concern on this subject, be a follower.
You will get updates.
You will be fully aware of whats going on every secound.
Me and Kirthi will kind of be like your own custom made newspaper. : )

On this blog, you have a voice.
In the comments.
All the comments you write will be in the post you read.
We will personally copy and paste it so everyone can read what you haveto say.
But we will not put up comments with bad language.

If your reading this, I bet you care about what I'm saying.
I think. . . .
Wow . .  . this is acward isn't it?
Just remeber, this blog is about a topic that envolves all of us.
So have a voice and see whats happening, before its too late.

Think Back

Remeber a post I made about a green blob?
Well this is a slideshow I found about the top 10 natural disasters that will happen in the US.
Lets see whose laughing now blob!

10 Most Polluted Places

Like the title? I think not. Check it out? I hope so.


IF you are intrested in somethings global warming did, this is the link for you. They may suprise you, but its true.


Once again, our couragous GreenPeace friends stood up. 50,000 of them.

Trees=Shoes ?

I went on and there is this video they have about trees being cut down to make tennis shoes. How is this possible? What relation do they have? CHECK.



I as usual, went on Youtube and found THIS. It is a carton video of a weird green blob singing " I don't believe in global warming". Well sorry for you blob. You are sadly mistaken. If you don't believe in global warming, in a few years when natural disasters happen because of it, we will see whose talking.


Things to do to help us and the world :

- go on and look at their news link
- recycle, recylce, recylce
- use pieces of paper piece to piece
- do some charity work
- support
- look at our blog for more info about the topic
- be a follower and spread the word about it



I know you guys are sick of my huge loathe to over population, but after you watch this video that I found on Youtube, I wont be surprised if you changed your mind.


Tell Trader Joes to Stop Stalling!

As you all know ( if your listening ), that someone from GreenPeace emailed me and said what his New Years Resolution is. One of the things on the list was to sign a treaty with Trader Joes to to adopt sustainable seafood purchasing policies throughout all of their stores, to which they haven't been cooperating with. Go to

Tell Trader Joe's to Stop Stalling

- DIDEM and Kirthi

The Greenhouse Effect: A better understanding

Above you can see a diagram explaining the Greenhouse Effect. With more CO2 in the ozone, the infrared radiation gets trapped in, instead of bouncing off back into space. High levels of radiation can be deadly to humans, and can possibly kill them. Many species can die from radiation, and others can mutate. So know that CO2 in the atmosphere is life threatning and will only affect you in the end if you don't stop it. One person can make a big difference. For those who don't understand the concept of Global Warming, or don't know much about it, please check out the book below.

Title: The Down-to- Earth Guide to Global Warming
Author(s): Laurie David and Cambria Gordon
Summary from Goodreads

Irreverent and entertaining, DOWN TO EARTH is filled with fact about global warming and its disastrous consequences, loads of photos and illustrations, as well as suggestions for how kids can help combat global warming in their homes, schools, and communities. Engagingly designed, DOWN TO EARTH will educate and empower, leaving readers with the knowledge they need to understand this problem and a sense of hope to inspire them into action.

I read this when I was in elementary school, and that was when I became interested in Global Warming. Only in 3rd grade, I understood almost everything about climate change and Global Warming, so this is definitely recommended!



As Kirthi said in one of her posts, our C02 is doing a lot of damage. I wonder why!?
- trees being cut down!
Because of what!?
For who!?
-cause of over population.
Some people have 5 - 9 kids.
In Africa, they make kids just to keep up the farm!
While they are sometimes not feed that day.

It makes me sick.
Enough about that. . .
Lets go back to what were dealing with every second.

Ax Men: Destroying the world for T.V?

Ax Men is a show on the History Channel that make it their job to be the best loggers in the world, and cut down trees. What I don't understand is why the History Channel pays the Ax Men to cut down trees when they have many shows stressing climate change and global warming. I dislike the History Channel for supporting and encouraging loggers to hack, and kill trees for T.V. It's wrong, very very wrong. Please comment on a petition to stop Ax Men from appearing on T.V.

Global Warming: Behind the name

There are two reasons why Global Warming is called Global Warming.
  1. The ice sheets and glaciers store ancient methane, trapped in ice millions of years ago. When they melt, the methane is released into the atmosphere, rising global temperatures drastically, changing life as we know it.
  2. Human released carbon dioxide, having no where else to go, thicken the ozone layer. The greenhouse effect is damaged, and more of the sun's hot rays are trapped in the carbon-thick ozone, heating up the Earth slowly, until there's no going back to change it.
By the time 2050, carbon dioxide levels will be too high to stop. People in the south, in Calafornia and Mexico will flee, because of drought and death, to New York City and other green cities that can sustain themselves, independent. Overpopulation will be a major problem, and rising sea levels will flood the coasts, destroying states.

Visit: The History Channel online, or on T.V.

Thanks for reading!,


First off, lets tell you guys WHATS GLOBAL WARMING?

To make it easier for you to understand, its the increase of the earths temperature.
Got it, okay.
Moving on.

You can see all the damage right?
Now you understand two things.
What global warming is and what its doing.
Me ( Didem ) and Kirthi will be explaining to you what you can do to help stop it, and we will also be telling you guys more issues on the topic.


Hi, I'm Didem, and this is my equal partner, Kirthi
We are people who care deeply about the world around us, how to stop deforestation, and recyle as much as you possibly can.
First off, we will be talking about how global warming started.
If you want to keep up-to-date with us be a follower of this blog if you like.
Thank You.
- Didem

(P.S. from Kirthi, the two girls on the top of this blog represent Didem and I. She's the first girl, and I'm the second, with the pony-tail and glasses.)