Are You There?

To tell you the truth, me and Kirthi actually don't even know if your reading this.
We will still be writting ofcourse, but if you do read this, please leave a comment.
What is a blog without someone reading it?
If you are fully aware of our concern on this subject, be a follower.
You will get updates.
You will be fully aware of whats going on every secound.
Me and Kirthi will kind of be like your own custom made newspaper. : )

On this blog, you have a voice.
In the comments.
All the comments you write will be in the post you read.
We will personally copy and paste it so everyone can read what you haveto say.
But we will not put up comments with bad language.

If your reading this, I bet you care about what I'm saying.
I think. . . .
Wow . .  . this is acward isn't it?
Just remeber, this blog is about a topic that envolves all of us.
So have a voice and see whats happening, before its too late.


Rose Cunningham said...

I love the idea!
I will try to be more "green" now.
What are some good tips? I turn off water when I'm not using it and heep my showers to less than 10 minutes. I turn out lights and have flourescents, but is that enough. It seems rather a wimpy effort. I just don't know a lot. I hope to be educated by your blog! Together, let's save the planet! =)

Didem and Kirthi said...

Rose thanks for joing the blog.
You are doing a very good job at being green.
Me and Kirthi are so happy!
As you read the blog, I will put up more posts on what you/people can do to help.
And yes, together we will save the planet.

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